Class Action Lawyers

At MURRAY, FRANK & SAILER we recognize that each client has an emotional component to his, her or its legal problem, as well as a financial one.  From our first meeting, we ask the important questions—and listen to the answers.  We know you need to talk to an attorney and not just meet with a paralegal or other staff member to screen your case.

If you decide to retain MURRAY, FRANK & SAILER to represent you in a class action we will represent you on a fully contingent basis as a plaintiff or representative of the class.  This means that we will seek payment of our fees if, and only if, the lawsuit recovers a fund for distribution to the class.  If there is no recovery we will receive no fee.

MURRAY, FRANK & SAILER will advance all expenses which typically include items such as the cost of expert witnesses and consultants, notice to the class, claims processing, travel, deposition or trial transcripts, telephone, copying, and the like.  If the lawsuit is successful, we will ask the court to have our expenses paid from the settlement fund.

If you want to put experience like ours to work for you, or have any additional questions, just contact us.  You are under no obligation or commitment unless you choose to participate.

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