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Law Review Articles

Does an Asset Manager Have Standing Under the Federal Securities Laws, 79 St. John's L. Rev. 405 (2005)

The Proportionate Trading Model: Real Science or Junk Science, 52 Cleveland St. L. Rev. 391 (2004-05)

Lifting the PSLRA "Automatic Stay" of Discovery, 80 North Dakota L. Rev. 405 (2004)

The Accident of Efficiency: Foreign Exchanges, American Depository Receipts, and Space Arbitrage, 51 Buffalo L. Rev. 383 (2003)

You Shouldn't Be Required To Plead More Than You Have To Prove, 53 Baylor L. Rev. 783 (2001)

He Lies, You Die: Criminal Trials, Truth, Perjury, and Fairness, 27 New England Journal on Civil and Criminal Confinement 1 (2001)

Aftermarket Purchaser Standing Under § 11 of the Securities Act of 1933, 73 St. John's L. Rev. 633 (1999)

Determining Excessive Trading in Option Accounts: A Synthetic Valuation Approach, 23 U. Dayton L. Rev. 15 (1997)

Subject Matter Jurisdiction under the Federal Securities Laws: The State of Affairs after Itoba, 20 Maryland Journal of International Law and Trade 235 (1996)

Weissman v. Freeman, The Second Circuit Errs in its Analysis of Derivative Copyrights by Joint Authors, 63 St. John's Law Review 771 (1989)

New York Law Journal Articles

Preclusive Effect of Securities Laws on Antitrust Actions (Jan. 7, 2010)

Staying Derivative Actions Pursuant to PSLRA and SLUSA (Oct. 21, 2005)

Loss Causation Pleading Standard (Feb. 25, 2005)

Inherent Risk in Securities Cases in the Second Circuit (Aug. 26, 2004)

The "Automatic Stay" of Discovery (Mar. 3, 2003)

Other Articles

Securities Class Actions: Improving Corporate Governance Through Accountability, International Bar Association Securities Law Committee Newsletter (Aug. 2010)

Fiduciary Duties of a Hedge Fund That Are Often Neglected, Financier Worldwide Magazine (June 2009)

Protecting Rights of International Clients in US Securities Class Action Litigation, IBA Legal Practice Division (Sept. 2007)