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Mass Torts

Protecting Consumers Against Corporate Negligence

When you use a product you have a right to expect that it will perform as advertised. You also have a right to expect that the manufacturer of the product has done all the necessary research to ensure that the product is safe or has made the public aware of any risks associated with using their product.

When the manufacturer fails in any of these areas, anyone injured has the right to be compensated for any harm that has come to them as a result of using that product. If you have been injured as a result of using a product as it was intended, you should contact an attorney immediately.

When there are large numbers of people who have suffered the same injury or harm from using the same product, there is more power against the responsible company when we pool all the cases together. This is called a mass tort, where the entire group of injured people sues the company as one rather than having individual trials.

MURRAY, FRANK & SAILER LLP has extensive experience in mass tort cases across the United States. Many of the mass torts our lawyers handle involve medical devices, medications and pharmaceutical liability. We have also been successful in a variety of other defective product and toxic waste dumping cases.

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