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Truck Transmissions Indirect Antitrust Litigation

MURRAY, FRANK & SAILER LLP has been appointed to serve as co-lead counsel in a class action law suit seeking to recover damages on behalf of a nationwide class of Class 8 truck purchasers who indirectly bought Eaton Corporation transmissions from October 2002 to the present. Class 8 trucks, also known as heavy duty trucks, are trucks with a gross vehicle weight above 33,000 pounds (14,969 kg). These include all tractor trailer trucks.

The complaint alleges that truck manufacturers including - Daimler Trucks North American, Freightliner, Navistar International, International Truck and Engine, Paccar, Kenworth Truck, Peterbilt Motors, Volvo Trucks North America, and Mack Trucks - conspired with Eaton to help Eaton maintain its monopoly power in the heavy duty truck transmission market. To effectuate the conspiracy, truck manufacturers entered into long term exclusive contracts with Eaton to purchase their transmissions. The contracts unlawfully eliminated Eaton's sole transmission competitor - ZF Meritor. With a monopoly on the heavy duty truck transmission market, Eaton then overpriced their transmissions and, in doing so, Class 8 truck buyers were forced to pay artificially high prices for the heavy duty trucks containing Eaton transmissions.

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