Plaintiff’s Lawyers

Plaintiff's Attorneys with years of experience bringing Securities, Antitrust, ERISA, Consumer Protection Class Actions, and Mass Tort Actions

MURRAY, FRANK & SAILER LLP concentrates its practice in class action litigation, particularly in cases involving federal securities law, federal antitrust law, ERISAstate consumer protection law, mass tort law, and wage and compensation law.

Class Action Lawyers with a Proven Track Record

With a long history and extensive experience, you know MURRAY, FRANK & SAILER is a leading firm that knows how to handle your case, including those involving allegations of improper actions by corporations, partnerships, analysts who cover businesses in all industries, and businesses.

We'd like to tell you what makes our law firm different.  Class action litigation is very expensive, so that only those with the largest losses can generally afford to hire their own lawyers.  Let's say you've lost money, hundreds of dollars or maybe even millions of dollars, because of securities fraud, and you've gone to a couple of different law firms who do stock fraud cases just to hear the same story -"It's too expensive to litigate.  If you'd only lost more it would be worth our while to look into it."  Lose more money?  To you, that was enough.

One way for you to recover your money, maybe the only way, is through a class action.

Perhaps you don't have a clue what a class action is or why it's important to have a law firm with extensive experience handling securities, antitrust, ERISA, or consumer class action lawsuits.  Let us tell you.  Class action lawsuits are unique tools in the law that enable many people who have been injured or taken advantage of to pool their smaller claims together so that, overall, the amount lost is higher and the costs are lower because they are shared by more people and institutions that have been damaged by the fraud.  Class actions can be used to redress many different injuries, such as consumer fraud, product liability, securities or stock fraud, stock price manipulation, or breach of fiduciary duty.  It sounds complicated, and in some ways it is.

Class Action Lawyers Who Get Results

At MURRAY, FRANK & SAILER, we're experienced at knowing how best to handle class action claims, whether they are based on securities, antitrust, or consumer law.  We understand that, whatever your losses, you deserve to be represented by the best attorneys available so that you have the best chance of being compensated under the law.  So go ahead and contact us to see whether we can help to get you the recovery you deserve.

Lawyers Representing Victims of Securities Fraud,
 ERISA, Consumer Fraud, and Antitrust Violations.

Report a Fraud

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