Murray, Frank & Sailer LLP is investigating a class action lawsuit on behalf of all persons who purchased the publicly traded securities of Netopia, Inc. (Nasdaq: NTPA) ("Netopia") between November 6, 2003 and July 6, 2004, inclusive (the "Class Period").

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Netopia is a company that, among other things, develops, markets and supports broadband and wireless (Wi-Fi) products and services, as well as produces server software products that enable remote support and centralized management of installed broadband gateways.

The firm is investigating whether Netopia and certain of its officers and directors knowingly or recklessly made a series of material misrepresentations concerning Netopia's earnings, product costs, and sales to its largest customer while certain employees of Netopia profited handsomely from those misrepresentations, selling over $9 million of Netopia stock during the Class Period.

If you would like information, please contact Eric J. Belfi at 1-800-497-8076 or at [email protected].

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