Consumer Protection

Federal and state governments have enacted laws to protect consumers from improper or illegal advertising, marketing, and pricing practices.  When these consumer protection laws are violated they frequently affect many consumers.  If the violation results in excessive fees being charged -- or oppressive contract terms being inserted in a consumer sale or loan or mortgage contract, or false or defective claims about a product -- chances are that hundreds, if not thousands, of consumers have been taken advantage of in just the same way.

In the consumer protection area, MURRAY, FRANK & SAILER has represented as lead counsel consumers in class actions nationwide involving, inter alia, misleading public statements concerning an artificial sweetener; wrongful billing practices and poor service by wireless communications providers; wrongful billing practices by credit card companies, banks and retailers; mislabeling of imported olive oil; mislabeling of domestic pasta; brokerage fees imposed with no or insufficient notice; Medicaid overcharges; and faulty automobile seat heaters.

Among its cases of note, MURRAY, FRANK & SAILER  recently recovered benefits worth $40 million in Naevus Int' l v. AT&T Corp.,  a consumer class action brought in New York State Supreme Court on behalf of consumers who subscribed to AT&T's Digital One Rate wireless service.  In 2005, MURRAY, FRANK & SAILER settled with Volkswagen of America, forcing a recall of all 2003 and 2004 Volkswagen Jettas for faulty automobile seat heaters.  MURRAY, FRANK & SAILER is also counsel in cases against the manufacturer of the artificial sweetener Splenda and Barilla Pasta.

If you feel that you have been misled or deceived in connection with the purchase of goods and services, then you may have a legal claim.

Class Action Lawyers Representing Consumers Victimized
 by Companies that Violate Consumer Protection Laws

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