Why Institutions Should Participate Actively

Whether you are a public pension fund, union, asset manager or any other type of institutional money manager, MURRAY, FRANK & SAILER  provides a complete legal services package to meet your needs.

Institutions Should Participate Actively

Private shareholder lawsuits have long been the most effective way for defrauded investors to obtain financial recoveries. Institutions generate better results for all class members because: (1) institutions have greater resources and expertise and can formulate better settlements; (2) institutions have a long-term outlook and have the resources to reject a quick settlement; and (3) an institution can insist upon corporate governance changes.

With institutions more actively involved, lawsuits have become more effective.

  • Increased Recoveries With An Institutional Lead Plaintiff:  Statistically, securities class actions settle for a higher value if an institution is involved as lead plaintiff.
  • Ensuring An Institution Receives Its Fair Share Of A Settlement:  A lead plaintiff is barred by statute from receiving more than its proportionate share of a settlement. However, if the institution is not lead plaintiff, they will not have a voice in allocating the settlement funds to the class.
  • Ensuring All Types Of Securities Are Included In A Settlement:  There must be a class representative for each type of security. If there is no representative for your particular type of security, you will not be able to participate in settlement recovery even if the class action is successful.
  • Protect Your Investment In The Future:  An institution is more likely to hold the company‚Äôs stock and will consider the long-term effects of the lawsuit. Settlements may include corporate therapeutics.

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