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The attorneys at MURRAY FRANK LLP help groups of people who have been wronged in a similar way by the same organization try to recover their losses via class action or mass tort lawsuits as well as large individual lawsuits.

Our firm has experience handling class action lawsuits in the following areas:

Securities Fraud: If you purchased a security based on false or misleading information provided by the company, you may have a claim for securities fraud.

Derivative Actions: If the board of directors of a company whose stock you own is making decisions that are harmful to the company, you have the right to take action to ensure that the board lives up to its responsibility to act in the best interests of the company and its shareholders.

Antitrust: When companies act in any way that limits competition or seeks to fix prices charged to consumers, retailers or manufacturers there may be a case for a class action. Recent cases have involved manufacturer/retailer relationships and evidence of price fixing or collusion.

Mass Torts: Mass tort cases involve groups of people who have been harmed in a similar way by the same product. Defective drugs or medical equipment, toys or automobiles could all be the subject of a mass tort. In addition, negligent behavior that impacts a group of people, such as dumping toxic waste, could qualify as a mass tort.

Consumer Protection: There are laws in place to protect consumers.  Improper billing charges, changes to the terms of a financial agreement, mislabeling of products and other items all fall under consumer protection.

ERISA: The Employee Retirement Income Security Act protects the rights of employees in several areas including various types of retirement plans. We work with clients whose company offers stock as part of their retirement plans. If the company misled employees about the value of the stock, there may be cause for a class action on ERISA violations.

Wage, Compensation & FLSA: Employers are required by law to follow certain state and federal guidelines with regard to paying overtime, paid breaks and other considerations. When they fail to do so, employees are entitled to seek compensation for these infractions.

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