Institutional Services

Helping You Protect the Interests of Your Clients

As an institutional investor or asset manager you have a fiduciary duty to your clients to maximize their return on investment. In some cases, this could mean that you need to help clients get money back if one of the companies whose securities are in your portfolio and has become the subject of a class action lawsuit.

In the majority of cases, all that needs to be done in order to recover the funds is to file a proof of claim form. Surprisingly, many investors miss the claim filing deadline or never know about these class actions at all.

Keeping You Ahead of the Game

MURRAY FRANK LLP, is pleased to introduce our Portfolio Monitoring and Case Evaluation Service. Available at no charge to our institutional clients, our lawyers will review all your securities transactions for up to five years and alert you to any holdings that are covered by a class action and discuss what action you need to take, if any.

In addition, we will monitor your investments on a monthly basis. The advantage to you is that you can stay focused on managing your clients' pension and retirement funds and you can leave the investment monitoring to the attorneys. We view this service as a portfolio enhancer. Our investment monitoring services will save you time and help you fulfill your responsibilities to your clients by notifying them of relevant class actions and helping them minimize portfolio losses and recover portfolio assets.

Call for More Information

If you would like to learn more about our investment monitoring services, please contact us today. We will explain the service to you in more detail and explain what you need to do to get started.