Protecting Your Retirement

The majority of the ERISA-related cases we see at MURRAY FRANK LLP involve securities fraud. When you participate in your employer's stock purchase plan, you expect that your hard work and contribution to maintaining a healthy company will be rewarded with stock that has value when you retire.

If your employer is engaging in deceptive or improper conduct that harms the company and its stock price, it will eventually be disclosed causing the stock value to fall and your retirement account to lose value. Perhaps one of the best known examples of this type of case is Enron which artificially inflated the value of its stock through accounting manipulations which eventually caused the value of its employee retirement accounts to plummet to zero.

Experienced ERISA Class Action Lawyers

The attorneys at MURRAY FRANK LLP dedicate themselves to helping employees recover the losses they have suffered as a result of corporate misconduct. We fight aggressively on behalf of you and your fellow employees to hold the responsible parties accountable and do everything we can to keep your retirement fund intact.

Other types of ERISA cases can involve mismanagement of pension, 401(k) and other types of retirement accounts. We will fully investigate the handling of the accounts to try to uncover misconduct that impacted the value of the accounts and take action to protect your interests.

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