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Austin Capital Management Ltd. (Madoff Ponzi Scheme)

Murray, Frank & Sailer LLP is investigating securities fraud claims on behalf of investors in Austin Capital Management Ltd. ("Austin Capital") hedge funds between January 2, 2005 and

December 11, 2008 (the "Class Period"), seeking to recover losses resulting from Austin Capital's placement of significant amounts of investor money into funds managed by Bernard Lawrence Madoff ("Madoff") and his firm, and who were damaged thereby (the "Class").

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Austin Capital placed significant amounts of investor money into funds managed by Bernard L. Madoff ("Madoff") and his firm. Madoff has now been charged with running what may be the largest Ponzi scheme ever. Unbeknownst to investors in its funds, Austin Capital had invested approximately 7.5% of its funds in Madoff-managed investments. This was contrary to the duties Austin Capital had to its investors of good faith and fair dealing and contrary to the representations Austin Capital had made regarding its processes for selecting fund managers. As a result of defendants' breaches and false statements, Austin Capital investors made additional investments in Austin Capital and/or held interests they would have redeemed.

If you invested in the Austin Capital Funds during the Class Period and wish to represent a class of investors in this action or have questions concerning this notice or your rights, please contact us.

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