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Egg Products Antitrust Investigation

Egg Products Antitrust Investigation

Murray, Frank & Sailer LLP is investigating antitrust claims against thirteen leading egg producers and three egg trade groups for allegedly unlawfully conspiring to fix and inflate prices of shell eggs and egg products by restricting the supply of eggs in violation of antitrust laws.  The trade groups being investigated are: United Egg Producers, Inc. ("UEP"); United Egg Association ("UEA"); and United States Egg Marketers, Inc. ("USEM").  The egg producers being investigated for this unlawful conspiracy and price fixing through supply control are: Cal-Maine Foods, Inc.; Hillandale Farms of PA., Inc.; Daybreak Foods, Inc.; Golden Oval Eggs, LLC; Michael Foods, Inc.; Michael Foods Egg Products Co.; Midwest Poultry Services, L.P.; Moark LLC; Norco Ranch, Inc.; National Food Corp.; NuCal Foods, Inc.; Rose Acre Farms, Inc.; and Pilgrim's Pride Corp.

These entities' horizontal agreement to reduce shell egg output has dramatically increased costs for purchasers of shell eggs and egg products and driven prices to historic highs throughout 2007 and 2008.  Meanwhile, during the course of this anticompetitive conduct, the main perpetrators of the scheme have enjoyed record profits.

If you have purchased egg products from any of the above-referenced entities and wish to represent a class of purchasers or have questions concerning your rights, please contact us.

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