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Steel Mill Companies Antitrust Investigation

Murray, Frank & Sailer LLP is investigating a potential antitrust class action against the steel mill companies listed below (collectively, the "Steel Mill Companies").  Specifically, Murray, Frank & Sailer is investigating whether the Steel Mill Companies conspired to fix and artificially raise prices in the domestic steel market by conspiring to reduce competition and restrict the output of steel.  Several of the Steel Mill Companies reportedly agreed to restrict output at trade association meetings, and implemented the alleged conspiracy at their respective companies shortly thereafter.  The alleged conspiracy was reportedly effective, as the price of certain steel products increased by as much as 25% during the alleged conspiracy period.  The domestic steel industry is one of the largest commodity markets in the United States, with approximately $80 billion in annual revenues.


If you have purchased steel products - directly or indirectly - from any of the Steel Mill Companies at any point between January 2005 and the present, please contact us.  Steel products include all products derived from raw steel, such as steel sheet and coil products, galvanized sheet, tin mill products, steel slabs, bars, pipe and rods.  A purchaser of steel products would likely include auto manufacturers, ship builders, railroad car manufacturers, construction companies, and others in the appliance manufacturing, oil and gas, and steel fabrication industries.

Steel Mill Companies:

· Arcelormittal

· Arcelormittal USA, Inc.

· United States Steel Corporation

· Nucor Corporation

· Gerdau Ameristeel Corporation

· Steel Dynamics Inc.

· AK Steel Holding Corporation

· SSAB Sewwdish Steel Corporation

· Commercial Metals, Inc.

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